Play Pai Gow Poker Online For Free – No Deposit Practice

Online Pai Gow Poker, the American edition of Pai Gow (the Chinese domino game), is simple and easy to learn for anyone who knows how to play poker. The traditional game is played using tiles that are same as those in dominoes, though the game was modified to permit more people to play by making use of a standard deck of 52 cards.

Similar to most of the other table games, Pai Gow poker- free version starts with the gamer placing a wager before getting any card. This is the one and only bet that the player will place for the hand duration and it should be within the maximum and minimum table betting limits. This game is quite different from the usual casino card games like Blackjack in that it proceeds very slowly and provides a longer playtime for the investment. Understanding how the game is played and getting a little experience actually playing it, you will soon realize the best winning strategies for the game.

This free no-deposit poker game uses all the 52 cards in addition to one joker card, so 53 in all. A maximum of seven people can play the game. The main goal is to make two poker hands for every player out of the 7 cards he gets. The dealer positions 7 face down piles of 7-cards/pile. The rest of the cards are no used irrespective of the number of players. It is crucial to know that the cards are handled as if there are 7 people at the table even if there are just two of them playing.

The betting of the player depends on his position from 1 to 7. The dealer is also in the game and he can modify from to any player every now and then based on the house rules. The betting positions can begin with the dealer and then proceed counter-clockwise. Alternatively, it can be decided by random numbers selected by a pair of dice or electronically.

The main goal of the game is for the gamer to make 2 hands out of the 7 cards given to him by the dealer. The 5-card hand of the player is ranked just like in 5-card draw poker, while the 2-card hand is ranked as groups of 2 or higher of the 2 cards. After the initial bets have been placed, the game starts with the first player displaying his best 2-card hand and best 5-card hand. Usually, the joker is wild. This goes on with all the other players till all of them have finished their 2-card and 5-card hands. Following this, the 7th player or dealer gets his chance. To win, starting with the first gamer, he should beat the 5-card hand followed by the 2-card hand of the dealer.

This free online poker no-deposit game may seem to be a very slow one without much of losing or winning for the player, but still it is a great one for a relaxation or drink break. This is because there are several tie hands handled and no money is lost or won. This alters radically for those gamers who are ready to take the bank. When the player takes the bank, he is substituting the house for the hand and playing against others at the table. The player should be able to cover all the wagers the other gamers have up.

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