Early Users Reporting Few Problems with the new iPhone 5

The complete sell-out of early stock of Apple’s new iPhone 5 suggests that almost all
present day consumers are fully captivated with the launch of the latest iPhone edition.
But, the bitter truth is that not every early consumer who has acquired the latest iPhone
5 gadget is satisfied, as some consumers recently reported various problems related to
the Wi-Fi connections of the new device.
Consumers have even reported issues related to scratches and scuffing in the gadget’s
new aluminum covering. Most of the early buyers are largely discontented with the new
revamped Maps app of the new iPhone 5. The latest Siri app incorporated in the device
easily gets puzzled when questioned regarding the present weather conditions in many
prominent United States cities.
And the iPhone manufacturer is also discontinuing the service of the free storage space
of around 20-GB that was extended to earlier MobileMe users, which would definitely
make it extremely tough for some consumers to support their latest iPhone 5 device to
iCloud. As per the recent updates, many consumers in the company’s support forums
are registering issues related to WPA2 sheltered Wi-Fi networks.
The most frequently reported issue is an apparently slow internet connection, which
doesn’t look to influence the previous iOS gadgets that are present in the same
network. Even though that problem could be easily alleviated by just switching off LTE
option in “settings” as suggested by some consumers, the problem appears extremely
annoying, especially to novices.
One consumer in the company’s forum asserted that AppleCar is actually well aware of
the problem, and is presently attempting to fix the issue, which has resulted mainly due
to a software issue. Individual hardware related problems, or even inability to properly
attune with some Wi-Fi base stations could be other major reasons for the issue, since
not all users of the latest device are confronting problems.
The latest anodized aluminum covering provided with the new Apple device is quite
opposing to normal scratching; however, the chamfered border present around the
display could wear down, disclosing the glossy bare aluminum below. As recently
reported by AllThingsD, there have been general claims among the consumers
regarding nicks, scratches, and other marks on the device’s anodized surface.
AllThingsD has also mentioned that the aluminum casing of new iPhone5 gadget fails to
provide the same superior scratch-resistant ability as that of the stainless steel casing
that was used in both iPhone 4 and 4S devices.

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